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2016 Conference Presenters

We have an outstanding list of presenters for this year's conference. And some surpise special guests. You WILL NOT want to miss this:

Randy Elia
Ron Lee
Joanna Schoon
Paul Taylor

Special Workshops presented by:
Erlene Chiang ( Saturday Only)
Fu-Tung Cheng (Saturday Only)


Randy Elia

Master Randy Elia has been studying Chinese martial arts for more than 40 years. He is a senior disciple of Grandmaster Peter Kwok, who began learning the secrets of the Shao Lin monks at age 7 when he was living in China and subsequently spent 32 years learning their secret health methods. Master Elia has also studied under Y.C. Chaing, Y.C. Wong, Adam Hsu, Lu De Xiu, Gao Xian, and Yang Fui Kui. He specializes in Northern Shaolin Chuan, Chin Na, Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, and Hsing Yi. In addition to being a licensed massage therapist, he also studies Traditional Chinese Medicine,. He has had the oppprtunity to be on national television, and is the author of a book entitled "Ancient Healing Teachings of the East". Master Elia was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2004. Master Elia was the President of the Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Assocation from 2005-2011. He owns and operates Peter Kwok's Kung Fu Academy in Westwood, New Jersy where he and teaches the original authentic styles of Kung Fu without any modification.

Ron Lee

Sifu Ron Lee has been a long-time practitioner of the Chinese Internal Martial arts and has studied with many famous martial arts masters such as Kuo Lien Ying, Y.C. Chiang, Henry Look, Sam Tam and Fong Ha.  Sifu Ron has also studied the healing arts with Brian O’Dea, Janet Oliver and Joyce Thom, all three masters were senior students of Min Ou-Yang (Madame Yu).   Sifu Ron is a certified TIMA Sifu with Grandmaster Henry Look.   Currently, Sifu Ron has a private holistic healing practice in Oakland and Los Altos.  He specializes in Acupressure, Asian bodywork (Tui Na), Medical Qigong, Nutrition, Meditation, Cranio-sacral Therapy and Chinese Internal Martial Arts.  Sifu Ron has taught classes at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Science and by private sessions

Paul Taylor

JoAnna Schoon

Erlene Chiang


Fu-Tung Cheng

After over 40 years teaching Tai Chi and related martial arts (strictly as an amateur), I am happy to report that I am more enthused than ever to have the opportunity to contribute to the understanding and quality of our Guang Ping Form. Truly embodying even a glimmer of the richness and endless reservoir of new insights underlying Tai Chi Chuan takes patience. When those glimmers finally come, how can one not be ecstatic? Because the insights are so tied in to the ultimate unity of form and function, the teaching becomes clearer as well. Suddenly everything is in focus. The absolute precision of the form reveals itself with every move, and from a martial perspective, it actually works! All the exhortations from Master Chiang over all those years together suddenly make sense. Leading us around with his form and his insistence on precise positioning was simply a semi futile effort to make the blind see. But, in due time, the practice and good coaching are better than a seeing-eye dog. They are the fundamental tools to remove cataracts from perfectly healthy eyes without surgery. I hope to use the form, as taught by Y.C. that I followed and emulated for over 30 years, to apply as much skill as possible in communicating, cajoling, and coaching your way to your own discovery and insight into the practice and ultimately, your enjoyment of Tai Chi.