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Tai Chi For Balance Certification Program

For the first time, the Guang Ping Yang T’ai Ch’i Chuan Association, will be offering a Taiji (Tai Chi) For Balance: Level 1 Teacher Training Certification Program along side its annual conference. This program is specifically designed to help students develop and strengthen balance and stability.  The program is geared to those who work with people who are really struggling with balance, who have experienced a fall or have a fear of falling.

This is a simple, 8-movement modified Guang Ping Yang form designed specifically to develop strength, stability, and relaxation (which reduces fear) for building balance.

Prior to the training, you will receive:

1. A DVD of the movements for studying before class

2. A manual of information about balance, tai chi, the warmups, cool downs, movements, and teaching certain populations.


PREREQUISITES: 2 years of taiji training (or your taiji instructor’s approval), a group training or personal training certification, or a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Physiology.

Those who pass certification tests (written and demonstrative) must teach six (6) classes or register 6 hours of teaching Taiji For Balance: Level 1 on a volunteer basis to receive the final certificate. Those who do not pass the certification tests will not be certified, but will be offered an option to retake the course.

Cost: $TBD

Special: You don't have to miss the annual conference. For just $XXXX you can attend any of the workshops on Saturday and Sunday, plus join the group for the Saturday night dinner.