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Taiji For Balance Level 2

The Guang Ping Yang T’ai Ch’i Chuan Association, will be offering a Taiji (Tai Chi) For Balance: Level 2 Teacher Training Certification Program along side its annual conference. 
Learn several new movements to add to your repertoire of taiji movements to enhance your students’ balance, stability and overall health.New movements include

  • Backward stepping, and reverse sequences to challenge brain and body
  • Meditation and relaxation for reducing anxiety, improving focus and proprioception
  • Improving neuromuscular connections by slowly and mindfully challenging stepwork
  • Fun and effective warm-ups and cool downs to ease any joint pain, inflammation and to promote circulation

This training educates attendees about the reasons we lose balance and how to regain it - whether due to inactivity, illness or fear. Attendees will review all 8 movements of Level 1, learning 4 new movements and the mirror image of all 12 postures. Includes learning to teach the form seated and with the aid of a chair. Instructors review how to teach effectively through aural, visual and written instruction, Each trainer gains the tools to teach students at their level.  

Prerequisite: Taiji For Balance: Level 1

Space is limited - Registration ends on September 1st