Must be a current member of the Association at the time of applying plus there should be no break in membership in the prior two years. In the year that you apply, your membership must be at the teacher level. For NonMembers, your filing fee will be $150 and you will be required to join the Association at a teacher level.


  • Be able to perform at an advanced level and teach a version of Guang Ping Yang taiji
  • Demonstrate thorough knowledge of the form and an understanding of its applications.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of body mechanics and the dynamics of t'ai chi movement, and
  • Show basic competence in teaching.
  • Your taiiji lineage must contain one of the following master teachers: from : Kuo Lien Ying, Chiang Yun-Chun, Peter Kwok, Henry Look, David Chin
  • Five (5) years of taiji experience, and
  • One year of supervised solo teaching experience.

The Offical GPYTCA Ceritifiction Program document defines and describes the programs and its requirements in detail.