"However, he hated the tough training that was forced upon him by his proud father, Yang Lu-Chan..."

Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi was originated by the great Tai Chi Master, Yang Lu-Chan, with his second son, Yang Ban-Hou (1st and 2nd Generations). From Yang Ban-Hou this lineage was passed down to only three disciples. One of the three was Wang Jiao-Yu (3rd Generation). Wang in turn passed this style down to only four disciples. One of the four was Kuo Lien Ying (4th Generation), who brought this style to the United States in 1965. All the students who studied directly from Kuo are considered 5th Generation.

As a young boy, Yang Ban Hou was exceptionally talented in martial arts with outstanding natural athletic abilities. However, he hated the tough training that was forced upon him by his proud father, Yang Lu-Chan, and would often run away from home. Each time his father would find him and drag him back home.

Although Ban-Hou hated his daily training, his natural abilities helped him, and his martial arts improved very rapidly. In a few short years when he became a grown man, his martial arts abilities were unequaled, even more superior than his own father's. Thus, his name became famous and known throughout the Country.

In the 17th Century, when the Manchu from the north invaded China, the Emperor put out a command to find the best martial artist to teach his Royal Family and his Imperial Guards. Yang Ban-Hou was considered the best at that time and was ordered by the Emperor to serve as a Royal Coach in the martial arts for the Imperial Court. Ban-Hou did not like the Manchu, but knew that any refusal to the Emperor's command would mean death (He would be beheaded).