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Marilyn Mathews was a longtime student of Master Randy Elia at Peter Kwok’s Kung Fu Academy in Emerson, New Jersey. A dedicated practitioner of Guang Ping Yang style T'ai Chi and committed member of the Association, she unfortunately passed away in 2005. Marilyn served as a member of GPYTCA Board, held the office of Treasurer, and was a talented Association Certified Teacher. As an instructor at Peter Kwok’s Kung Fu Academy, Marilyn was a true educator. She was an encouraging and carefully thoughtful teacher who inspired both newer and more experienced students alike. Marilyn’s love of t'ai chi and dedication to her school was evident in every class she attended, whether as a teacher or student. The Marilyn Mathews Scholarship Fund was established in her memory, and it is our hope and intention as a Board that the Fund serve as a reflection of the generous spirit that Marilyn embodied.

The primary purpose of this Fund is to provide grants-in-aid to GPYTCA members in financial need. The main area of focus of grants from the Marilyn Mathews Scholarship Fund will be to assist qualifying members to further their study and enjoyment of Guang Ping Yang T'ai Chi. However, subject to Board approval, awards from the Fund may also be made to committed and deserving members in any way that the Board sees as appropriate to the spirit of Marilyn's legacy. These might include such things as grants: to help defray the costs of annual membership dues; to help offset costs of attending GPYTCA annual conferences; to assist with fees for Association-sponsored workshops or approved continuing education activities in Guang Ping Yang style T'ai Chi Ch'uan or closely related areas.

How to Apply for a Marilyn Mathews Scholarship