Teacher Certification

We began the Teacher Certification process to develop, maintain, and provide support on a national level to those who teach Guang Ping Yang taiji, and to help ensure a high level of competency and the quality of instruction in Guang Ping Yang taiji.

We established a Certification Committee to review all applications and recommend to the Board approval or denial for a Teaching Certificate. The Guang Ping Yang T'ai Ch'i Association Board of Directors then has the final vote in which two-thirds (2/3) majority is needed for granting certification.

You will find on this page links to all of the information and paperwork needed to apply for a Teaching Certificate as well as our Code of Conduct that describes the professional standards by which Certified Teachers must teach.

It is a requirement to be or become a member of the Guang Ping Yang Association in order to become certified by the Association.

If you are considering becoming a certfied instructor, we suggest that you read through the Offical GPYTCA Ceritifiction Program document. It defines and describes the programs and its requirements in detail.