2009 Annual Convention

Master Simmone Kuo's studio overlooking Portsmouth Square.
This was not the original studio as previously stated!
The original was located just down the street.
(Thanks to Randall Fung for the accurate information!)

Almost the entire 2009 Guang Ping Yang Taijiquan convention attendees!

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Master Hui Liu explains posture in her Seated Meditation workshop.

Attendees of Seated Meditation

Master Hui Liu working with students on hand positioning during seated meditation: laogong point on the palm of the hand rests on the stomach meridian of the leg
(Liongqui - ST34).

Seated in a chair, the feet should be parallel and the legs should ideally be
bent at a 90 degree angle.


Participants: Sophie Nichanian, Marilyn Cooper, Alex Antipa, Cat Light.

Master Y.C. Chiang speaks on Methods of Good Practice

Y.C. beginning the movement "Punch Under Elbow"


Master Chiang demonstrating Chin To Toe at 87 years of age

Three Masters: Henry Look, Hui Liu, Y.C. Chiang

Eric Lelaquais explains Tuishou during his workshop

Eric Lelaquais and David Chosid help demonstrate techniques and body structure

Julie Boddorf and Eric Lelaquais push hands

Master Paul Taylor and his senior student demonstrate a 2-person equilibrium drill

Students of Paul Taylor's workshop help each other sense the Zhong Ding!


Master and Association President Randy Elia welcomes participants

Master Elia explains the focus of personal will, spirit and intention
in taijiquan and hsing yi practice

Workshop participants listen before moving into action

Morning form!

Morning stretches! Go Sophie!

Robert Bergman (Spirit Boxer) discusses training under Master Kuo
and the Taoist Three Essentials

Robert Bergman

Masters Don and Cheryl Lynne Rubbo explain Cultivating Power
(Extraordinary Practice for Extraordinary Times)

Participants of Cultivating Power listen intently

Cultivating Power Workshop

Cultivating Power Workshop

After two days of training...we break bread!

Good conversation, good friends...a very good time.

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