2010 Annual Convention

Almost the entire 2010 Guang Ping Yang Taijiquan convention attendees!

Single whip anyone?

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Grandmaster Henry Look leads participants through I-Chuan.

Grandmaster Henry Look's I-Chuan workshop participants.

Master Jiang Jiangye leads workshop participants through Nine Dragon Bagua Push Hands.

Paki and Joy practice Nine Dragons!


Ouch! Sifu Thomas Carney lets us all watch and learn Chin-Na joint locking techniques as he demonstrates on David Chosid.
Our deepest thanks, David, for stepping up to that challenge! :)

Lock the joint, and, you know, if there's a cluster of nerves near the point of contact, just dig in a little deeper. But do it with love, people - love.

Joy Foye takes mental notes to take home to Wisconsin...to practice on Sifu Larry Riddle.

Master Randy Elia and Grandmaster Henry Look at the Friday Night Masters Demo.
Friday Night Masters Demonstration

Friday Night's Lion Dance - which was AMAZING. These guys worked it.


Grandmaster Look leads students through the Guang Ping Yang form.

Master Fu-Tung Cheng leads a group of
Y.C. Chiang's lineage practitioners through the set

Master Randy Elia leads a group through Peter Kwok's lineage of Guang Ping Yang Taijiquan.



Early morning stretches.

More...early morning stretches.

Following early morning stretches...form!

Cultivating Power Workshop


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