Master Kuo Lien Ying's studio in Portsmouth Square, San Francsco

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.Our 2016 Conference will be held in San Diego - October 28-30, 2016. This year, we are offering a Taiji For Balance certification October 27-28, 2016. Don't forget to renew your membership. Members who renew by February 29th will receive a special discount to the conference.

We are pleased to introduce some of this year's conference presenters!!

This years presenters:
Randy Elia * Ron Lee * Joanna Schoon * Paul Taylor *
With Special Workshops presented by:
Erlene Chiang and Fu-Tung Cheng
Lucy Bartimole
Taiji For Balance Certirfication Program
Registration for Taiji For Balance is only open until September 30, 2016. This will give paticipants in Taiji for Balance time to review the course materal.

The Guang Ping Yang T'ai Ch'i Association was formed in honor of the memory of Sifu Kuo Lien Ying, who brought Guang Ping to the United States, and in commemoration of his unselfish sharing of his many skills. Our mission is to promote, perpetuate, develop interest in, and preserve the quality of Guang Ping Yang style T'ai Ch'i Ch'uan throughout the world, and to provide support for research and education in Guang Ping Yang T'ai Ch'i Ch'uan.

We strive to develop and honor the life-enhancing qualities of honesty, respect, humility, integrity, loyalty, and kindness. We manifest our commitment to this process by honoring our teachers, students, each other and the practice of internal arts.
The information contained in these pages is offered freely to anyone interested in learning more about the association, Guang Ping Yang style T'ai Ch'i Ch'uan, or T'ai Ch'i in general.